Food Tours to Asia and India

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Grab your passports, pack your bags, break out those frequent flyer miles and make your way to Thailand, Indonesia or India and join us on a fantastic journey of food, exploration and cultural history.

From fiery volcanos, desert palace hotels - and desert islands, camel fairs, historic ruins, trendy restaurants, street food and even a few miracles, our tours are limited to just 8 people who have a sense of adventure and would rather die than go on a package tour and eat hotel buffets each night.

Led by a Spirit House staff member and limited to just 8 people per tour, a Spirit House Tour is like travelling with a bunch of fun-loving friends to some of the most amazing destinations in Asia and India.

Ready to get off the beaten track, abandon the tour bus and hit the road less travelled?

"Tours are limited to 8 people."

We have put together a stunning range of experiences for you which you can download below. Each tour has been hand-crafted to give you and 6 others an adventure for all the senses. From fantastic food to the big sights such as the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, or the remote Spice Islands made famous in the book Nathaniel's Nutmeg.

We pack in history, culture, amazing sights and sounds as well as food and possibly a dragon.

The best part is you don't need to organise a thing - simply make your way to the starting point using frequent flyer miles or cheap fares and we will take care of you every step of the way after that.

Spice Islands:

Sailing Adventure

Spice Island Tours

Pack your sunscreen, brush up on your history and join us for a fantastic trip to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. We have chartered the most luxurious yacht to take us in style to these tiny islands that changed history.

Historic forts, crumbling colonial mansions and historic spice plantations are just one part of this tour. If you're looking for a sailing adventure that is steeped in history in a tropical paradise then this is the trip for you.

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  • Nov 2021:
  • Nov 6th - Nov 16th 1 Cabin Left 2021
  • Nov 14th - Nov 24th 2 Cabins Left 2021
  • Details:
  • Cost: from $8,000 per person (twin share)
  • Duration: 10 Days 9 nights
  • Includes:All hotels/curise and meals while on tour, local transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather: Mild/Warm


Journey to the Holy River.

The oldest continuous living city in the world and home to the sacred Ganges river - this trip takes you to Varanasi via the Taj Mahal, cool food walks, bars and restaurants in Delhi and incredible sights along the way.

The other highlight of our new tour is spending three days in the home of Indias famous Awadhi cuisine - Lucknow. Lucknow is simply fascinating and delicious and a perfect stop on the road to Varanasi.

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  • Dates to be announced coming soon . . .
  • Details:
  • Cost: $6,300 per person (twin share)
  • Duration: 12 Days 11 nights
  • Includes:All hotels and meals while on tour, transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather: Mild/Cool


Thailand & Angkor Wat - Indiana Jones + Food

temples and dragons Tour

Our all time favourite tour featuring cool bars, great restaurants, food walks and a great cooking class with a twist. That takes care of Bangkok. We then go back in time to the serenity and charm of the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya - just outside of Bangkok.

Cool ruins to explore plus some great food history to try as well. Because we are back in time, let's fly to Cambodia and unleash our 'Indiana Jones' as we take some off-beat tours through the stunning temples of Angkor Wat - simply amazing.

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  • Feb 18 - Feb 28 FULL 2020
  • Details:
  • Cost: $4,500 per person (twin share)
  • Duration: 11 Days 10 nights
  • Includes:All Accom. and meals, flight to Cambodia, transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather:Tropical


Myanmar Mystery Tour

burma Tour

If you love temples and want to see one of the hottest destinations in S.E. Asia right now - have we got a trip for you.

All the big sights as well as: great food experiences, off-the-beaten-path adventures, cool boutique hotels, local village life and, the most important ingredient: a Spirit House host to make sure you all have FUN. With just 8 people on all our tours, expect a lot of laughter, adventure and unique food.

  • Download Brochure and Forms:
  • Feb 10 to Feb 21 Full 2020
  • Details:
  • Cost: $6,000 per person (twin share)
  • Duration: 12 Days 11 nights
  • Includes:All hotels and meals while on tour, local transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather: Mild/Warm


Temples and Dragons Tour

We take you out of Bali to the stunning Buddhist and Hindu temples of Borobudur and Prambanan - one of the wonders of the world. Then we fly down to our privately chartered schooner for thee days and sail the stunning Komodo Islands. We're talking great food, amazing sights, stunning coral reefs, Komodo Dragons, swimming with Manta Rays and more . . .


Delhi, Taj Mahal & Bhutan

Bhutan - the hidden Kingdom - nestled in the Himalayas and isolated for centuries and limiting tourist numbers we have a unique opportunity for you to join us exploring this stunning country.

You can only fly to Bhutan from three cities and Delhi is one of them so let's start there as we show you the best from our India trips - including the Taj Mahal.

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  • Oct 18 - Oct 30 FULL 2019
  • Details:
  • Cost: $6,600per person
  • Duration: 11 Days 10 nights
  • Includes:All hotels, most meals, return flights Delhi to Bhutan, transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather:Mild/cool



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