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Spirit House Gift Vouchers make the Perfect Gift.

If you're short on time, choose to download your voucher instantly and print them at your convenience. Otherwise we can send your voucher in the next business mail.

Voucher F.A.Q.

  • How much does a voucher cost?Whatever dollar amount you choose. The most common amount is $165 which covers a meal for two at the restaurant or one cooking class.
  • How soon will I get it?Immediately, if you choose the download and print option, or two to three days via snail mail.
  • Validity: Spirit House vouchers are valid for three years.
  • Where can I use it?Your voucher can be used at the restaurant or the cooking school.
  • What if I lose the voucher?Simply call the office on (07) 5446 8977 and we'll track the number for you.
  • Can I book online with vouchers?You can book cooking classes online — just type in your voucher number.

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The cost of our new cooking classes are $165.00, just so you know!

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Terms and Conditions:

Vouchers can be used in the restaurant or the cooking school. We do have one condition on vouchers though:

  • Don't Lose your VoucherIf using a voucher you MUST present your voucher to us on the day of the class or your restaurant reservation- if the voucher has been forgotten or lost, the full amount will be charged to the recepients credit card and will be refunded when the vouchers have been delivered to us.