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Hooked on our citrus caramel pork? Can't get enough of our whole crispy fish - help yourself to some of our most requested recipes below.

Citrus Caramel Pork

citrus caramel pork recipe

Whole Crispy Fish

Whole Crispy Fish with Tamarind Sauce

Chilli Jam Chicken

Chilli Jam Chicken

Tamarind Glazed Chicken

tamarind glazed chicken recipe

Thai Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice recipe

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

spiced pumpkin soup recipe

We have created a chatGPT integration with some of our recipes. He calls himself Frank - or Chef Frank. He's a bit sarcastic, can be funny and can give you some great recipes, tips etc. - just ask.

Interact with him as you would a chef who has had a long day at work . . . he can start to forget or go off topic.

Q:   How Do I Get More Spirit House Recipes

Just chat with Chef Frank in the window below. Have some pork you don't know what to do with? Just ask him. Need a tip on how to smoke salmon, he knows. Want a shopping list for the recipe - he'll do it for you. Fire Away . . .