Classes Online

Great classes which you can do from the comfort of your own kitchen . . .

Stuck at home and want to have some fun in your own kitchen? Or maybe you can't make it to Spirit House . . . these online classes are the next best thing to having a Spirit House chef standing beside you helping you cook.

There is no time-frame on completing these classes . . . so you can complete them at your leisure. The classes feature easy-to-follow recipe booklet available as a PDF file and Videos to show you technique and improve your skills.

We will be adding more classes to the list so stay tuned . . .

Take 5 Cooking Class:

5 Great Recipes from the Spice-Olation Class


A short online class with 5 great recipes

We're shutting down our Spice-Olation class and grabbing some cool recipes from each of the modules to turn in to some simple short classes with recipes that are fun to make and great tasting too.

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  • Class Start: Anytime
  • Details:
  • Cost: $55 Pay by card or use code
  • Duration: Take your time, this class isn't going anywhere
  • The Recipes:We start by making a red curry paste so you can create a Red Curry of Duck and Lychees. A Steamed Salmon with Ginger & Blackbean Sauce is a classic and versatile dish. Slow Cooked Pork with Ginger and Soya is easy to make and a "go to" dish for easy entertaining. Everybody's favourite - our famous Coconut Galangal Soup with Smoked Salmon is a winner. Then to top this class off you will learn the secrets to make a great Beef Rendang and, as a bonus, create Rendang Pies too.

Spice-Olation Class:

3 Modules over 3 weeks


We started this when we were all in isolation but have discontinued the class for now.

You can still access this class if you have a voucher or purchased the class using the links in the description below.

  • Start The Class No Longer Available - but you can log in with your code using link below.
  • Class Start: Mother's Day 2020
  • Details:
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  • Duration: 3 Weeks 3 modules that you can complete in your own time
  • Class UpdateNow with Covid over and our cooking school re-opened, we have discontinued this class and will add some shorter online classes from time to time so stay tuned. If you have a code or bought a supscription to the Spice-Olation Class, you can still log-in with your code here.