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World's best street food

Concierge.com have a great listing of the world's best street food. Food plays such a big part in a country's culture and street food should be top of your list of things to see and do in any country.

I know a traveler's main concern is getting sick, but sometimes it's worth running the risk.While in India I saw people flocking around a Lassi vendor - I lined up (which doesn't help in India) then shoved my way to the front and was handed a terracotta cup with chilled foamy liquid. My friends looked in shock as I took my first tentative sip - which tasted like heaven. Drinking the rest of the lassi I gave my 'covermore insurance card' to my companions (who wouldn't even try it) and said if anything happens to me tomorrow they could call the number on the card and get me to a hospital.

What was more surprising to my cowardly traveling companions was the next day I was absolutely fine - sure, we all saw the Taj, explored the ruins of Fate Puhr Sikri but my lassi was the highlight of the trip.