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Spirit House chefs spending an evening with David Thompson

When Thai food guru, David Thompson, came to town for the Noosa food and wine festival, we thought it might be nice to get David and our chefs together for a small cook-up. David arrived with his assistant 'Park' and then the hard work began. So much prep - fresh coconut milk was made, pastes pounded and plenty of jokes. It was a great night and I have this very shaky video for some behind-the-scenes action:

David Thompson from Spirit House on Vimeo.

The menu for the night:
  • Southern Style Grilled Mussels
  • Chiang Mai Pork Curry
  • Chinese Chive Cakes
  • Smoked Kingfish Relish

Head chef, Ben, brought over his fermented pork which David deep-fried and created a simple dipping sauce to go with it.

It was a great night and a fantastic opportunity for our chefs to meet one of their culinary heroes in a very relaxed, sweaty and fun environment.