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Masterchef judge Matt Preston at Spirit House

Masterchef judge and super-nice-guy Matt Preston dropped in at the Spirit House on his way to the Noosa Food Festival. Officially he was here to gather some information for Delicious Magazine but unofficially we chatted about the show and the future of food and cooking talent in Australia.

Totally different to his television persona, Matt was charming, witty and more than happy to joke around with the staff:


He surprised the cooking school by walking in unannounced and telling everyone he was here to judge their food. You'd think he'd be bothered with everyone recognising him and bothering him for autographs but he was more than happy to spend time posing with my niece and her two friends (now his greatest fans):

What came out of our chat was shows like Masterchef are helping change people's view of cooking. Being a chef is no longer a 'trade' or a career choice for when high school leavers' grades are not so good. The show - and our experience - have shown there are people out there who love food and have a talent to blend flavours in to an expression of themselves.