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Malaysia stakes copyright claim to recipes

The Indonesians got a bit upset a while ago with claims that Malaysia stole a Balinese dance and used it in a promotional campaign for Malaysia - which, in the end, turned out to be a mistake by the Discovery channel. Discovery channel apologised and a crisis was narrowly averted - except for this . . .

It seems that Malaysia is now claiming that Chilli Crab, Nasi Lemak, chicken rice and a host of other dishes belong to Malaysia. Basically all the dishes that you associate with Singapore and Indonesia.

Now this international food fight might sound a bit trivial but the rumor going around Indonesia is that Malaysia was behind the Bali-Jakarta bombings, and it supports militant groups within Indonesia in attempts to discourage foreign tourists from visiting Indonesia and have them visit Malaysia instead.

This latest food copyright claim is going to fuel that rumor mill for a while. So for a safe holiday in a tropical paradise with the best food - the winner is: Malaysia.

Via:The Canadian Press: Hands off our food: Malaysia stakes copyright claim to recipes for chili crabs, coconut rice.