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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

In 1994 a group of three speleologists discovered something incredible in a cave in France that was last visited by humans nearly 30,000 years ago. The walls of the cave are covered in fantastic and perfectly preserved paintings of animals with amazing artistic detail. The walls contain pictures of around 13 different species with some animals never seen before in ice age paintings – including lions, panthers and rhinos. There are remnants of bones and arguably the world's oldest prefectly preserved foot prints.

German documentary maker, Werner Herzog, was given special permission to film in the caves with huge restrictions. The gases in the cave are toxic so he and his crew were only allowed to stay for a few hours at a time. They had to wear special suits and were confined to a two foot wide path. Herzog had a custom designed 3D camera made to better bring to cinemas the feel of the drawings and the cave. He was only allowed a crew of three people and they had to use special LED which gave off no heat.

The documentary is receiving rave reviews and you can see a trailer for it below:

Cave of Forgotten Dreams from Nate Calloway on Vimeo.