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Burma Tours - A Huge Success.

I have to be honest with you - when we first had the idea for our Burma tours (apparently you can call it Burma or Myanmar) I was thinking we're going to be seeing a lot of temples and, it is possible to become 'templed out' - but did I have it wrong.

Burma was simply incredible. Sure, there were plenty of temples but here's the thing - when you jam them altogether on wide open plains or in small fields they never seem to get boring. I guess the analogy would be if you looked in the night sky and saw one star it would get boring but when there's thousands to look at, you could stare at the sky all night. Is that too poetic?

Once we stepped out of the hotel on to the streets in Yangon I realised "we need more time". Yangon was so interesting and a very easy 'walking' city. As you walked along the blocks you entered Chinatown, little India, the European quarter - each area abounds with stunning architecture and unique street life.

The plains of Bagan with the myriad of temples, that are sprinkled with very little attention to town planning, were simply fascinating. Some of our group went up in balloons while others rented small eBikes and hit the back roads with me - devoid of traffic but around every corner a hidden gem - just fascinating. Then on the water for sunset rum sours on our own private sandbank in the middle of the Irrawady river.

Being a Spirit House tour we were all about food and getting off the beaten track. This took us overland to stunning 'Petra' style cave temples.

The highlight was Inle Lake - our boats whisked us along for an hour past solitary fishermen standing gracefully on their boats with their nets, past floating gardens to our boutique hotel suspended over the lake. Using our boats we explored small villages specialising in silk weaving, silver making, boat building or local snack making.

Simply put, Burma offers a wide range of travel experiences that are easily accessible plus some real hidden gems if you get off the beaten path, as we did.

So, if you're up for an adventure to Burma - or any of our other destinations - please visit our tours page for details and booking forms.